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All our bespoke technical solutions can be augmented by full documentation and friendly face-to-face multimedia training, however Reddbridge Media extend an ability to get to grips with many complex subjects to deliver a variety of training services and products to our clients, from delivering seminars through to writing custom manuals and developing training aids.

Deliverable training courses:

Social media and the web for business people

At this event, attendees discover both 'whys' and 'hows', and develop an understanding of what they can do in their own situations to better place their businesses for the years ahead - and how they can go about it.

This event demystifies social media for business people and demonstrates how they can interact with their audiences and open up new markets.

Making great mailshots

(and adverts) Most mailshots end up in the bin. Of the rest, only a small percentage take you up on your offer. What you write and how you write it makes all the difference. Whether for printed materials or for e-mail marketing, this course gives tried and trusted techniques to start writing great copy.

PHP fast start

Ideal for budding web developers looking to start creating their own interactive sites, or just web designers looking to get a better understanding of their possibilities.

This course will introduce delegates to the world of cost-effective open source programming, and will run through installing and setting up PHP, MySql and Apache on OSX, Linux or Windows, what tools you need to start PHP programming, and run through the basics of getting a PHP web program off the ground.

Introducing content management systems

If you have a content management system and don't feel you're getting the most out of it, or would simply like to understand what they are and how they can be used to benefit you, then this course can be tailored to meet your needs. This course will explain everything you need to know about content management systems, and can also demonstrate the flexibility and abilities of one of the many open source CMS available, including Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress, Umbraco and others. You can be equipped with the knowledge of what is needed to start building a CMS website, or just how to better use the one you have got already. If necessary, training manuals can also be produced for legacy systems.

Professional PowerPoint

Wade through the weight of PowerPoint’s interface to make professional, consistent presentations - this course shows how it’s done.

Get trained.

Courses can be held at your premises, at our office in Liverpool's maker community, or at a separate location, for as few as 2 delegates.

If you have a particular, bespoke training need, or would like to enquire about one of our own training courses, then please call or email Mark to discuss ways we can help.

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